Persistant Fictions:


Varieties of Religious Delusions

Ruminations on-Mytho-politics, Anti-Science,
Deceptive Ideologies and Totalism




IN THREE BOOKS, not quite finished still needs some editing

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Book 1......The Political Nature of the Religions:
                    (Defining Theofascism: in Evolution, Cults, Religions, , Institutions,
                     Fundamentalism and Traditionalism.)

Table of Contents

---- Introduction:
.Roll over, William James
: Ruminations on Reactionary Religion and Why I am Writing about it: Examining Theories of Religion
    a. My Involvement in Religion
William James’ Theory of Religion
Darwin, Pascal Boyer and the Evolutionary Theory of Religion
d. Richard Dawkin’s Theory of Religion
         e. Religion as a Mistake of Language.
f. Failure of the Traditionalist Theory of Religion
         g. Answering Religion with Science

3.Religion is Politics.
      a. The Question of Theofascism
Romanticism and the Origins of Fascism:
          On Eliade, Heidegger, Campbell and others
Definitions of Totalism and Ur-fascism in Roger Griffin
          and Umberto Eco
      d. Umberto Eco’s “Ur-Fascism”
      e. Religion as Social Control: Theofascism, Totalism and R.J Lifton
f. Julius Evola
’s Theofascist Politics
      g How Fascism Becomes Traditionalism and Corporate Culture Develops after World War I
h. Nietzsche, Traditionalism  and Hierarchies of Hate 
The Theofascism of Martin Lings and his Endorsement of  Franco
Frithjof Schuon’s Theofascist Politics
  k. Critics of Schuon: His “Marriages” Lying and Polygamy
  l. Metaphysical Misogyny and Nature Hatred in Tantra, Buddhism, Christianity etc.
m.  On
Mark Sedgwick’s book  Against the Modern World
.     n. On Education:
Manufacturing Religion in Universities


Book 2......The Paranoid Fictions of Rene Guenon and his Followers:
                    Trampling Rights and History under Ideology

Table of Contents

1.Critics of Guenon
2.Creating Theofascist Fictions:

Guenon in Relation to Action Francaise, Blavatsky, Liebenfels and the Knights Templar.
Guenon, Action Francaise and the Pivotal Year of 1927  
      2. The Craft of Spiritual Charlatans: Guenon’s Rivals:
 Blavatsky, Lanz von Liebenfels,
          and Encausse
      3. Selling the Big Lie: Innocent the III and Fairy Tales of the
          Knights Templar
3. Traditionalist Executioners: The Violation of Human Rights in De Maistre, Guenon, Schuon, Krishna, and Khadir
4. Rene Guenon and Alexander Dugin : Destroying Human Rights and Creating a  “Super-Auschwitz”)
5. Traditionalism in Decay: Some Notes on Fringe Traditionalists
6. Rene Guenon, Reign of Quantity and other Romantic, Paranoid Histories in the 20-21st Centuries
7. Rene Guenon’s Reign of Quantity: a Review of a Paranoid Text

Book 3......Persistent Illusions:
in History, Anti-science, , Classical Studies, Linguistics and Corporate/Religious Art

Table of Contents

1.The Dead Hand of Plato: on Plato’s Theofascism
2. On Aristotle, Lucretius and the History of Science
3. Hypatia, Pseudo Denys  and the Killing of Classical Science
4. Praxiteles: Making the Myth of Praxiteles and the Misuse of Scholarship
5. The Myths of Jesus and Muhammad and the War between Christianity and Islam
The Myth of Muhammad
        b. The Myth of Jesus
        c. Manufacturing Myths and Visions in Religions.
6. The Transition from the Medieval to Science and the Role of the Eucharist
Preface: Rama Coomaraswamy and I and Repulsion at Eating the Dead God
                1.The Eucharistic Myth of Paul
                2.Constantine, Charlemagne and Napoleon
                3.General Observations on the Eucharistic Controversy.

                4. Innocent the III and the Universal Church  
                5.Plato, Aristotle and the Realist-Nominalist Controversy
                6.The Transition from Eucharistic ‘Truth’ to scientific truth
                7. Some Observations on Cannibalism and Conclusions

7. On Those Who Hate Science and Reason:
 and Irrationalism in Guenon,
     Wolfgang Smith and Other Creationist Reactionaries.

1.Science verses Religion in History
2. Reality is not a Construction
3.Science defeats Fundamentalism and Traditionalism
4.Corporate Science 
5.Louis Agassiz, Ananda Coomaraswamy and the Spiritual Fiction of “Virgin Nature”
6.Darwin’s Triumph over Religion and Anti-Science

7.Wolfgang Smith and Creationist Anti-Science.
8.Quantum Quackery and Fictional Essences

8. Chomsky’s Cartesian Speciesism and the Failure of his Linguistics
Beyond the Dead End of Traditionalist and Modernist Aesthetics: Restoring Intelligence to Art.

10. Conclusions and Overview….






A few selected essays from the books above, --- (earlier, unfinished Versions):


From Book 2

Rene Guenon’s Reign of Quantity: a Review of a Paranoid Text (See book 2 above, the last two essays)

From Book 3

The Dead Hand of Plato: On Plato's Theofascism

Chomsky's Cartesian Speciesism and the Failing of his Linguistics

Misuses of Scholarship in the Making of the Myth of Praxiteles




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