Excellent site that begins to challenge corporate law, and human centered notions of property. What is discussed her corresponds closely with what I have been calling "nature's rights". Save the Primates.
 This site lists some of the most endangered primates, Colbus Monkeys, Lemurs, Apes, Langurs, and Gibbons, among others. It discusses the horrors of "Bushmeat" gathering, the Wildlife Trade and Animal Experimentation.  
  Born Free and Animal Protection Institute. This site leads to information about how animals are abused in circuses, for fur coats, in pet shops, the sale of exotic animals and the international wildlife trade. Barry Kent MacKay works for API, He is a wonderful bird artist, who has defended Snow Geese and Cormorants among many other species. See some of his paintings here:
 Mike Hudak is a courageous researcher who writes about the abuse of public lands in the West by cattle and cattle ranchers. He helps explain why cattle don't belong on western lands, and bison and pronghorn should be returned. 
 this is a good site that can be used as an introduction to Evolution. The Creationists are patiently and exhaustively shown up for their ignorance and denial of the obvious facts of nature.
Lovely site about the great environmentalist David Brower with many links.  an amazing site holding 160,000 photos of nature and wildflowers in California, the collection was built around the core of 12,000 photos taken by Alfred Brousseau.  Marc Beckoff and Jane Goodall are both important advocates for recognition of the inherent rights of animals to live and thrive on earth. Bekoff has done interesting studies on animal cognition, Mountain Lion, Coyote and Dolphin Behavior.
Site about efforts to stop the slaughter and Hunting Buffalo (Bison) in Yellowstone Yational Park. Bison whould be allowed to return to many areas, such as National grass Lands and the Buffalo Commons an Idea originally suggested by  Frank and Deborah Popper in 1987. For more see-- 
Here are some Greenpeace discussions about the destruction of the oceans, with many species in decline or disappearing, pollution rampant, deep sea trawlers destroying the ocean bottom and reefs, illegal whaling by the Japanese and others, continuing to kill.  There needs to be a moratorium on bottom trawling. This subject of stopping the rape of the seas is an important and underreported one. Here is another website about the seas....  A marvelous site with many videos about stopping whale and dolphin killing. Many lovely videos and information about how the life in the seas are being destroyed. 
The destruction of forests in Papua, Brazil, Madagascar and elsewhere is very serious and impacts global warming as well as harming animals birds and others species. It is clear that the IMF, World Bank as well as corporate institutions and local governments are behind such destruction.
Photos of forest rape in Madagascar "
With its rivers running blood red and staining the surrounding Indian Ocean, astronauts have remarked that it looks like Madagascar is bleeding to death."



Great site where you can walk through the Chavet Caves and look at the anceint artwork there
Great site about Vincent, where his letters and paintings can be seen side by side, together, as they should be.
Qunta Del Sordo. House of the Deaf Man this site is about Francesco Goya's house and how the strange "Black Paintings" of his old age were situated in the house.
   Wonderful, helpful site with intelligent discussion of political issues. This is Noam Chomksy's main venue, but it is also a good source of non-corporate, alternative news.
This is the website of Victor Trimondi. He and his wife have done some very interesting critical work about religion, especially Buddhism, for instance, and in depth critical study  of the Dalai Lama at
as well as a study of Hitler Buddha and Krishna that is interesting. Here: