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This website, Nature's Rights, is a  literary work, a  book of poetry and paintings, arranged in a gallery format.  It is an extended and patient meditation on the beauty of nature and nature's rights.

 I have been making it for the last six years. It is not something that one can read in a day. It is best viewed as it was made: as you would take time with a friend or a companion animal that lives in your house. Taking time and caring is the way of nature and of poetry, as it is the way of good relationships with other people. This book invites you into such a relationship. I invite you into the intimacies of a world worth living in, into the mentality that nature everywhere exhibits so artfully and with such intelligent and expressive simplicity.
 The internet is an disembodied, solipsistic, human-centered environment, essentially anti-natural, and thus my site is in contradiction to the medium that carries it. There is nothing here of the fugitive info-commercialism encouraged by the form of the internet. Patience and sensitivity are  needed to view this site, just as these qualities are needed for the sympathetic understanding of nature. This site asks you to heal the split between your mind and nature, come out of the abstract realm of ideas and ideology and rejoin the actual world.
 Nature's Rights is composed of poems, paintings and essays,  and is best viewed and read in sequence. Each page is self contained, but nevertheless echoes other pages. The Introduction and the beginning page called Heroes Wetland are both overviews of the entire website and introduce many of the major themes and concerns of the whole website. Subsequent pages develop aspects of these concerns in much more detail. But if the viewer's interest is in the paintings alone it does not matter if the order of the pages is followed.

This site is still in process of making and some pages are not finished or will be added in time.

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Catalogue of Selected Paintings in the Nature's Rights Book


Introduction - painting of an egg

Part 1: Between Science and Feeling: Studies in Wonder

Nature's Rights

                    Poem "Nature's Rights" and paintings
short essay, "What is Nature's Rights?"

The Origin and Question of the Eyes

poem and essay with paintings



Sun and Sunlight
Poem "Sun and Sunlight" -- (a little history of light and color)


Sunset Painting - Sun and Sunlight - Poem and Paintings

Water, Birds and Landscapes I

                    Beginning of Poem "Ode to Water" and paintings

Water Painting - Beginning of Ode to Water and Paintings

Water, Birds and Landscapes II

                     End of Poem "Ode to Water" and paintings

Mallard Painting - Water, Birds and Landscapes II End of Poem Ode to Water and Paintings


                    Poem: "The Wildflower Rainbow" and paintings

Wildflower Painting - Poem, The Wildflower Rainbow, and paintings


             poem and paintings


Bird Song

                   Poem "Bird Song and Knowledge" (a meditation in 10 poems with Paintings)

Red Winged Blackbird Painting - Poem, Bird Song and Knowledge, and Paintings

         Essay: "Brief History of Some North American Mammals"  
              ( unfinished)

Elk Painting - Essay, Brief History of Some North American Mammals


Night, Moonlight and Stars

                  Poem "Ode to Moonlight" and  Paintings

Nightscape Painting - Night, Moonlight and Stars - Poem, Ode to Moonlight, and Paintings

Owls I

         Story about Owls and paintings of Owls

Owls II

                    Poem "Ode to Owls" and paintings of Owls

Barred Owl Painting - Owls II - Poem, Ode to Owls, and paintings or owls

Snow Geese

                    Poem: "Snow Geese" and paintings

Snow Geese painting - Snow Geese - Poem, Snow Geese, and Paintings


Heroes Wetland; some thoughts
                    Part 1: "How I Came to Heroes Wetland"
                    Part 2: "on  whether or not I should share what  I have
                    learned"  (unfinished)

Wildflower Painting - Prelude to Heroes Wetland

Ode To Heroes Wetland
                    Part 3: " A walk around Heroes Wetland

Yellow Warbler Painting - Ode to Heroes Wetland

Orioles of Heroes Wetland 1
                    Poem " Ode To Orioles" and paintings 

Oriole Painting - Orioles of Hero's Wetland


                    Poem "On Having or Not Having Heroes"

Oriole Painting - On Having or Not Having Heroes

Deer and Heroes Wetland I

                             Deer I have loved.  Poem and paintings  

Deer Painting - Deer I have loved Poems and Paintings

Deer II
                   Essay, "The Politics of Killing"    (unfinished)


The Canada Geese of Heroes Wetland

                            Poem "Coats of Liquid Light" and paintings of geese

Canada Geese Painting - Poem "Coats of Liquid Light" and paintings of geese

Canada Geese II

                            Poem "Adding to Darwin" and paintings of geese

Canada Geese III

                "Observations on the  Geese Community at Heroes     Wetland" and paintings

Canada Geese Painting - Observations on the Geese Community at Hero's Wetland and Paintings


                    Poem "Brief Picture of a Goldfinch's Life" and paintings

Goldfinch Painting - Poem, Brief Picture of a Goldfinches Life, and Paintings


                    this page in process



Redbird Painting - Paintings

Part 4: HOME

Self Portrait

                    Essay and Painting

Hummingbird Painting - Self Portrait - Essay and Paintings

Marriage Portrait
                    Poem: "All My Relations" and paintings

Squirrel Painting - Marriage Portrait - Poem, All My Relations, and Painting

Portrait of a Mother
Elegy for Mom and other poems


Portrait of a Mother

Home Poem 

                   "Home Poem" and painting


Nest Painting - Home Poem and Painting

A Few other Portraits

Cat Painting -  A Few other Portraits

Other Poems About Animals and Place



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(Friend's Area, by permission only)

painting of my baby with a pileated woodpeker
(My Daughter and me and other parents and babies at Heroes)


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This is a personal website: a literary work of art and fiction in progress, and no page on it is currently definitive.
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